Read The Following Poem And Explain.

The Wudu’ that all Muslims make,
Is an act of purity for Allah’s sake,
To cleanse our body and our soul,
For to Allah is our final goal,

And therefore we must all be pure,
For He loves purity, that’s for sure.
We also try to cleanse our hearts,
While washing certain body parts,

And this is how the pattern goes,
Hands and mouth and then the nose,
Then followed by the face you see,
It’s as easy as one, two three.

Wash your arms to the elbow now,
I am sure, that you know how,
Wipe the head with a wet hand too,
Down to your neck, I’m telling you,

Then clean your ears and wash your feet,
This is how Wudu’ is made complete.

Wash your body in Allah’s name,
For the Wudu’ is no mere game,
And don’t forget the short Du’a’,
For you must always praise Allah,

So any time you want to pray,
Just make Wudu’, the blessed Sunnah way.