Read the Following Sentences (6 Pillars of Iman)

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Iman means belief.

All Muslims have common beliefs.
Anyone who denies these beliefs is a kafir, a disbeliever.

A Muslim must know these beliefs.
He must utter them with his tongue and accept them in his heart.
The basic beliefs of a Muslim are listed in Al-Iman Al-Mufassal, ‘The Complete Statement of Belief’.

Let us revise Al-Iman Al-Mufassal, in Arabic and English.

1) Allah

All Muslims believe in One God, Allah, Who is our Creator and Sustainer. He has no partners and there is none like Him.

2) Angels

All Muslims believe in the angels which Allah has created from light, to serve Him and worship Him.
Angels do not eat, drink or sleep.
Angels never disobey Allah.
Only Allah knows the number of angels.

3) Books

All Muslims believe in the many books sent by Allah to teach humankind the religion of Islam.
The books of Allah are revealed only to Prophets.
The last book revealed by Allah is the Qur’an.
All the previous books sent by Allah have either been lost, forgotten or changed by evil men.
The Qur’an is the only book from Allah which has not changed.
It is the only book of Guidance left on earth.

4) Prophets

All Muslims believe in the many prophets and messengers Allah has sent to guide people to the true path of Islam.
Every nation was sent a prophet.
No one knows the total number of prophets Allah has sent.
All the prophets were human beings.
They were the best of all people.
The first prophet was Adam [a].
The last prophet was Muhammad [s].

5) The Last Day

All Muslims believe that everything will die and come to an end, except Allah.
After death Allah will bring us back to life on the Last Day, the Day of Judgement.
It will be a very long day on which Allah will question each and very one about his life on earth.
Allah will judge us according to our actions and behaviour.
Those who have done good will be rewarded and those who have done bad will be punished.

6) Qadr

All Muslims believe that Allah is All Powerful and He controls everything.
Everything happens only with the permission of Allah.
Every good and bad thing that happens in this world is a test from Allah.

7) Life After Death

All Muslims believe that there is a life after death which will last forever.
The believers will live forever in the Garden of Jannah (paradise) which is more beautiful than any can imagine.
The disbelievers will live forever in the Fire of Jahannum (hell) which is more terrifying than any can imagine.
Even in the grave our bodies are dead but not our souls.
The grave too becomes either a Garden of Jannah or a Pit of Jahannum.
Believing in all of these articles makes one a Muslim.
If a person rejects even one of these articles he becomes a kafir.