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Nabi Muhammad [s] was very anxious. He had been waiting for revelation, but angel Jibra’il [a] had not come for many, many days. The people too had asked many questions and he needed to give them answers. Why was Jibra’il not coming? “What could be the problem?” Nabi Muhammad [s] thought to himself. “Have I displeased my Lord. Is there no more revelation to come. Or worst still, did Allah now intend to punish the wrongdoers?” These frightening thoughts raced through the Noble Prophet’s [s] mind. Another day passed and the concern could be seen on the Holy Prophet’s [s] blessed face as he sat in the Masjid an-Nabawi, the grand masjid in Madinah.

Oh, how dreadful this time must have been for the Prophet [s]. But just then, through the gloomy atmosphere, a bright light appeared. It was the arch-angel Jibra’il [a]. Nabi Muhammad [s] heaved a sighed of relief. All was well again and the frightening thoughts vanished, just as the darkness of night vanishes with the coming of the morning sun. But why did Jibra’il not come for so many days? Angel Jibra’il stood before the Holy Prophet [s] in all his majesty and beauty. With a sweet, melodious voice he began to speak, “O Muhammad, I know of your concern. But should I tell you why I have not come for so many days?” “Yes, please do tell me for I do not want to displease my Lord again!” replied Nabi Muhammad [s]. “You have not displeased your Lord, O Muhammad. But what stopped me from entering your home was that there was was a statue at the door, a curtain in the house with pictures of animals and men on it, and a little puppy inside the house. Your Lord orders that the head of the statue be broken off so that it resembles the trunk of a tree, that the curtain be cut and made into two pillows to recline on, and that the puppy be taken out.” Nabi Muhammad [s] immediately did as Allah had commanded and from that day on the arch-Angel Jibra’il never stayed away from his blessed home.