Read The Following Instructions About Ghusl

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Ghusl means washing the entire body, from head to toe.
A Muslim is required to perform the Ghusl in the same manner as the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] had done.

There are six steps in performing Ghusl. We shall learn each step one by one.

1) Before commencing Ghusl declare your Niyyah (intention).

You can utter the intention in Arabic or in your own language.
2) Then wash both hands up to the wrists, thrice.

3) Thereafter, wash the private parts with the left hand.

4) Now perform a complete Wudu’.

5) Then pour water over the entire body thrice in the following order:

– Pour water over the head thrice.

– Pour water over the right shoulder thrice.

– Pour water over the left shoulder thrice.

6) Lastly, rinse the feet.

It is important to remember that if any part of the body remains dry while performing Ghusl it will not be valid and will have to be repeated.

Ghusl should be performed in total privacy so that the private parts are not exposed to anyone.

It is haram (forbidden) to see another persons private parts.
One should not face the Qiblah while performing Ghusl.

Ghusl may be performed while standing or seated but it is better to be seated.

Do not waste water whilst performing Ghusl.

Do not speak unnecessarily while performing Ghusl.

If water has pooled around the feet, wash them again before coming out of the bath or shower.

Ghusl should not be performed in a bath tub with stagnant water.
Rather, the water should be flowing (from a shower or poured from a jug) so that the dirty water is flushed away and not re-used.

It is desirable to performing Ghusl once a day so as to remove any body odour.
However, it is the duty of a Muslim to perform Ghusl at least once a week on a Friday.

There are more rules regarding Ghusl which will be dealt with in the upcoming Lessons.