Read The Story 2 (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

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The Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] once sent the Muslim army to fight the enemies of Islam. The Muslims attacked the kafir army and a furious battle took place.

There was one kafir soldier who was a very skilled fighter and many Muslims died at his hands. But a brave Muslim soldier fearlessly charged straight at him. He was Usama bin Zaid [r], the beloved Companion of the Prophet [s]. Usama [r] was an excellent swordsman and the kafir soldier was no match for him. The kafir fell to the ground, and just as Usama [r] raised his sword to strike his head off, the kafir soldier cried out, “La ilaha illa-llah, There is no god except Allah!”

The man seemed to pretend to become Muslim only out of fear for death. Usama wasted no time to strike his head off killing him instantly.

The Muslims won the battle that day and when the good news was brought back to the Holy Prophet [s] he was also told about what had happened between the kafir soldier and the brave Usama [r].

The Blessed Prophet Muhammad [s] was very upset when he heard what had happened and immediately called for Usama [r].

“Did the man bear witness that there is no god except Allah?” the Prophet [s] asked Usama [r].

“Yes he did, O Prophet of Allah,” replied Usama [r].

“And despite that you killed him?” the Prophet demanded to know.

“But I can explain,” said Usama [r], “It seemed to me that he only pretended to accept belief out of fear for death. He had been dashing around the battlefield killing many Muslim soldiers. I can even name them if you wish. I then attacked him and when he saw the sword he called out, ‘La ilaha illa-llah, There no god except Allah’.”

The Prophet [s] was very upset and addressed Usama [r] sternly, “Did you tear his heart out to see if he was true or not? And what will you do when the Shahadah – La ilaha illa-llah – comes to question you on the Day of Judgement about the man you killed?”

Usama [r] was very regretful and pleaded, “Messenger of Allah, beg forgiveness for me from Allah. I have made a grave error.”

But the Prophet [s] continued asking the very same question, over and over again.