Read The Story 2 (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

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Once, after a successful battle, the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] and his Companions [r] were resting in the shade of some trees when, all of a sudden, they heard someone screaming and crying.

It was a woman from the enemy camp who had lost her child in the midst of the battle. Many people had died in that battle and she feared that her little child might have been killed in the confusion.

The Prophet too was very concerned even though the woman was a disbeliever. He showed love and concern for all humanity for he was a mercy to mankind. Unfortunately, battles had to be fought against the disbelievers as they intended to harm the Muslims and kill the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s]. But the Prophet [s] always preferred peace to war.

The woman rushed to and fro, desperately searching for her lost child. The Prophet [s] sent some of his Companions [r] over to help her too, but they feared the worst. Just when all hope seemed to be lost, the women saw a tiny body wriggling in the dust. She rushed over and to her delight it was her little child. He was not hurt at all. She hugged and kissed the little boy and tears of joy poured from her eyes. Oh, how happy everyone was.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] smiled, and what can describe to you how beautiful the smile of the Prophet [s] was. It was like the sparkling full moon on a starry desert night. Turning to his Companions [r], the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] said, “Do you see the joy of that mother having found her little child.” “Yes indeed, O Prophet of Allah, and how wonderful it is,” they replied. “Well,” the Prophet continued, “Allah becomes even more happy when a servant of His turns in repentance to Him after committing a sin.”