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Once Nabi Musa [a] was walking along wondering how Allah cared for all His creation. There were millions of creatures that all needed care and attention all at once. How did Allah see to them all without forgetting a single one. He prayed in his heart, “O Allah! Please do show me how you are able to care for all your creatures!”

It so happened that at the very moment Prophet Musa [a] happened to pass by a small, smooth pebble lying in the middle of the path. There were many like it lying all around, tiny pebbles that no one ever noticed.

Allah instructed him to pick the pebble up and break it open. “Why would Allah want Me to do that?” he thought to himself as he carefully broke the pebble in two. He looked down at the pieces in his hands and there in the very middle he could see something wiggling.

How wonderful indeed. In the very middle of the smooth pebble Prophet Musa [a] found a tiny little worm nibbling on a small leaf. Then he heard a strange sound coming from the little worm. As he put his ear closer he heard the little worm singing, “Praise be to Allah who sees me, and knows where I rest, Who feeds me and never forgets .”

“Praise be to Allah,” Nabi Musa [a] thought, “Who sees all his creatures while nothing is hidden from Him.”