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Once Nabi Musa [a] and Allah’s servant, Khidr [a], were walking together on the bank of a river. They did not have a boat and were unable to cross the river.

After a while a boat happened to pass that way and the people in it, recognizing Allah’s servant Khidr [a] offered to carry them without charge. A little bird settled on the edge of the boat and pecked at the water in the river.

Allah’s servant Khidr [a] said to Nabi Musa [a], “The knowledge that Allah has given to you and I and all of mankind, as compared to the knowledge of Allah, is like the drop of water pecked by this little bird as compared to all the waters of the ocean.”

Allah’s servant Khidr [a] then began to pry the planks of the boat. Nabi Musa [a] was horrified to see Khidr [a] making a hole in the side of the boat.

He jumped up and sternly said to him, “These people have been so kind to us and have carried us for free. And now you deliberately make a hole in their boat so that its people drown. This is most wicked indeed!”

Allah’s servant Khidr [a] turned to Nabi Musa [a] and said, “This boat belongs to these poor people who work on the river. I have damaged their boat because Allah, who knows what is to happen in the future, has informed me that there is a wicked king behind them who will soon come to seize every good boat by force. Now the king will see that their boat is damaged and he will not take it away from them. This is Allah’s favour to these kind people.”

Nabi Musa [a] then realised that Allah’s knowledge is perfect. He knows everything, even what is going to happen in the future. Allah gives us only a little of His knowledge.