Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

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Three men were once on a journey when they were overtaken by a violent storm. Lightning flashed in the dark skies and the wind howled. The raindrops came tumbling down drenching the three travelers. In the cold, wet darkness the three men searched for a place to pass the night. They came upon a cave and decided to take shelter in it till morning. The cave was warm and dry. “How very lucky we are!” they thought to themselves. But just they entered the cave they heard a frightful rumbling noise. Rocks came tumbling down the mountain, covering the mouth of the cave completely. They were trapped. “Help!” they shouted, “Somebody please help us!” But there was no one to hear their cries for help. One of the men then said, “The only way for us to be saved is to pray to Allah, for Allah always hears the prayers of those who call on Him, even if they be trapped deep inside a huge mountain.

Allah always answers the prayers of those who believe and do good.” Thereupon the man began to pray, saying, “O Allah! My parents were very old and I cared for them and loved them dearly. I used to feed them and bring them their nightly drink of milk, even before my very own children had any to drink. One day, though, I went far away in search of green pastures for my sheep to graze and returned very late that night. I milked the animals and brought my parents their nightly drink, but they were fast asleep. What was I to do. I did not wish to disturb them, but I also knew that they had gone to bed hungry. Further, I would not give any part of the milk to my children till after my parents had had their drink. So, with the cup in my hand, I awaited there by their bedside the whole night long, hoping that they would wake up and I could then give them something to eat and drink.

I could hear my children crying in hunger, but my parents had to eat first. The hours passed by, the night passed by until the sun peeped over the morning horizon. My parents woke up and were surprised to see me waiting by their bedside patiently. O, Allah! I did all that only to please you. O, Allah! Please do save us and remove the rocks that have blocked our way.” The other men began to pray too and, all of a sudden, the rocks moved away. The men were free at last. Indeed Allah hears the prayers of His servants even if they are trapped deep inside a huge mountain. Allah always answers the prayers of those who do good.