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There was a once man who lived during the time of Prophet Musa [a]. He was a good man but he had one fault. He was in the habit of committing a certain sin and could not remain true to his repentance. Every time he committed the sin he would regret it terribly and turn sincerely to Allah, begging of Allah’s forgiveness. “O Allah, please do forgive me!” he would cry while praying in the dark hours of the night.

He promised to himself never to do the bad deed again, but as hard as he tried, and tried he did, no sooner did a few days pass but he committed the very same sin once more. This continued for twenty long years.

Then, one day, Allah revealed to His messenger, Nabi Musa [a], saying, “O Musa! Go to that man and say to him that now I have become angry with him.”

Prophet Musa [a] looked all over for the man and when he found him walked straight up to him and, in a stern voice, said, “O servant of Allah, Allah has revealed to me that he is now angry with you.” Tears welled up in the means eyes and his legs could not hold him up anymore. He fell to his knees and began to cry. “How could it be?” he thought to himself, “For Allah is most Merciful!”

He stretched his hands to the skies and began to pray, and this is what he said,

“O my Allah, have all the treasures of Your mercy become empty.

O my Allah, has my sin harmed You in some way.

O my Allah, do You no longer wish to share Your Mercy with Your servants.

O my Allah, are you no longer the one who pardons all sins.

Which sin could possibly be greater than Your mercy?

To be sinful is a small, weak quality of mine, and to be forgiving is a great, powerful quality of Yours. Can my weak quality be greater than Your powerful quality?

O Allah, if all Your mercy is finished and if punishment is all that is left, then give me all the sins of all Your creatures and set them free. I will take their punishment because there is now nothing left for me to have hope in, that is, if Your Mercy has come to an end.”

The man cried and cried and it seemed as if the heavens and the earth cried with him, and all the creatures flying through the skies and crawling on the earth and swimming in the oceans too. But it simply could not be, because we all know that Allah is the All-Merciful and that His mercy is greater than all things

Just then Allah revealed to His dear Prophet, Musa [a], “O Musa, say to my servant that even if his sins were equal to the entire earth and all that is in it, I would surely forgive every single one, because he has recognized Me as being perfect in My mercy and forgiveness, as well as My ability to punish him.”

When the man heard this he was overjoyed, as any would be. From that day onward he tried even harder to stay away from his sin. Sometimes he was successful and- sometimes he still failed, but he always turned back to Allah, begging of His forgiveness and having every hope in His Mercy, and trying to set the wrong done right.