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‘A’ishah [r], the beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad [s], tells us the story of their journey to Najd. She says:

I went along with the Prophet [s] of Allah on a journey and when we reached a place called Bayda’ my precious necklace broke and was lost. It was very dear to me as my sister, Asma’, had given it to me as a gift. The Prophet [s] too knew how precious it was to me and so he, along with some of his Companions [r], began to search for it. It was terribly hot at that time and we had very little water left. But because the Prophet [s] was so tender to his wives he took the trouble of searching the whole day for my precious necklace.

Now some of the other Companions [r] were becoming impatient and I can understand why. They came to my father, Abu Bakr [r] and said, “Do you see what ‘A’ishah has done? She has caused a tremendous bother to the Messenger of Allah [s] as well as all the others with him. None of us have enough water to have stayed here for so long. We think that you should speak to her, O Abu Bakr.”

By then the Prophet [s] had given up his search and we rested together under the shade of our tent. My father, Abu Bakr [r], came along and seeing the Holy Prophet [s] sleeping with his head resting on my thigh began to whisper. “My daughter, I am very upset with you. You have caused the Messenger of Allah [s] alot of trouble with this necklace. We have had to wait all along and neither is there any water here. You must forget the necklace and allow us to continue on our journey. We need water for the salah too.”

My father scolded me but I remained silent. He did not understand how very much the Prophet [s] loved me and how he himself wished to stay and look for the necklace.

My father left and I felt terrible but all the while I remained dead still as I did not wish to disturb the Prophet’s [s] sleep. I did not sleep at all. I was terribly worried for I feared that because of me many Companions would not be able to perform their salah. There was simply no water at that place for them to do the wudu’.

The Messenger of Allah [s] slept till it was dawn at the waterless place we had camped in. He opened his eyes and smiled up at me. He was so very handsome indeed. But I knew that there was something more, and I was right.

“O ’A’ishah, be joyous that because of you Allah has sent revelation to me,” the Prophet [s] said. Allah had revealed to him the verses about Tayammum.

“O you who believe! Do not approach salah … in an unclean state, until after washing your body. If you are ill, or on a journey, or one of you relieves himself … and you find no water, then take for yourselves clean sand or earth, and rub your faces and hands with it.”

And so the Prophet [s] performed the Tayammum with his Companions [r] and offered the Fajr salah together.

Usayd bin Hudayr [r] who was one of the leaders of the people of Madinah said to my father, Abu Bakr, “This is not the first of your blessings, O Family of Abu Bakr. Allah has guided us many times before through you.“ My father felt very proud of me that day because I had been the cause of new revelation and guidance to come to the beloved Prophet [s] of Allah.

Everyone was getting their things together and preparing to continue our journey. The men and camels had rested and we were happy that soon we would be home again. The Prophet [s] came over to saddle our camel and just as it stood up I saw something sparkling in the sand under its belly. “Could it be?” I thought to myself. Yes, it was my necklace. This was a very good morning indeed. We had received guidance from Allah and I had found my precious necklace. How splendid.