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A long, long time ago there lived a young boy who loved his mother very much. His name was Sharafud-Din. He grew up to be respected and admired throughout the vast lands of Islam because of his great knowledge and piety.

Once, when Sharaf-ud-Din was still a small boy, his mother fell very ill and had to stay in bed. One night she awoke with a burning thirst and called out to her son to bring her a bowl of water.

“Yes Mummy, I will get it immediately,” Sharaf-ud-Din obliged. The young boy hurried along to do her bidding, but there was no water left in their big old earthenware jug. He had to go down to the stream to fill it. The night was dark and it was cold outside but no chore was too difficult for the little boy who loved his mother more than anything in the whole wide world.

When he returned to her bedside with the water, he discovered that she had fallen asleep again. Sharafud-Din was not sure what to do. Should he awaken her or should he leave the water by her bedside and go back to sleep himself? “Well if I woke mummy up I would be disturbing her sleep and she needs all the rest she can get,” Sharaf-ud-Din thought to himself, “But if I simply leave the water by her bedside she might role over and topple the bowl, or she might not see it and not want to awaken me again. What am I to do?”

The little boy decided to wait by her bedside with the bowl in his hands until she awoke.

Minutes passed … hours passed … the whole night passed by … and still little Sharaf-ud-Din waited patiently with the water at his mothers side. Finally his mother awoke just as the first light of dawn paled the sky, and to her surprise, there was her beloved son at her bedside.

“How long have you been standing here?” she asked.“You haven’t been there all night I hope, or have you?”

“Yes, mummy,” he replied, “I have been waiting by your bedside all night.”

Sharaf-ud-Din’s mother was deeply touched by her son’s obedience and devotion. She prayed to Allah to bless her son, and to give him all the good of this world and the hereafter, for this is what kind and obedient children deserve.

Allah accepted the prayer and little Sharaf-ud-Din grew up to become the most learned and pious man of his time. He was loved and respected by all and so is any child who loves and respects his mother.

But the greatest blessing that Sharaf-ud-Din received was Allah’s good pleasure and the beautiful Garden of Jannah that is kept only for those who respect their parent and serve them well.