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There was silence over the fields of Badr as the two armies stood facing each other. The Muslim army was far outnumbered by the one thousand strong army of the Quraish. They had come to Badr to destroy Islam and the Muslims once and for all.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] knew the danger that the Muslims faced. This small army of true believers was all that stood between the Quraysh and the destruction of Islam.

He raised his blessed hands and called out to Allah, “O Allah! If this small group of Muslims is defeated today then you will no longer be worshiped on the face of this earth.”

The Prophet [s] begged Allah for his assistance and protection as tears rolled down his handsome cheeks. Just then there was a loud cry from the enemy camp. “Attack!”

The kafir soldiers came rushing over towards the Muslims. But Allah had strengthened the hearts of the believers and they bravely charged right into the midst of the kuffar. Swords clashed and arrows whizzed through the air.

Just then revelation came to the Blessed Prophet [s]. Allah had answered his prayers.

“Indeed I am with you (O Prophet). (Now, O My Angels,) keep the believers firm (and support them). I shall cast terror into the hearts of the disbelievers. So strike their necks from their shoulders and strike them (down) to their finger tips.”

“(O my Prophet,) I shall help you with a thousand angels, one following the other.”

The Holy Prophet [s] raised his head towards the hills of Badr. Strange, shimmering clouds descended from the heavens, sparkling like silvery dust.

Charge, O Hayzum!” It was not clouds flowing over the hills but Jibra’il [a] on his heavenly steed, Hayzum, leading a thousand angels. They had come in the form of handsome men, with shining faces and glittering white turbans. Their spears and swords sparkled like the rays of the sun as they raced over the fields of Badr.

“O Abu Bakr,” the holy Prophet [s] said to his beloved Companion, “Allah’s victory has come. I can see Jibra’il charging on his steed.”

Swift as lightning they pierced into the heart of the Qurayshi army. Suddenly, the Muslim soldiers saw the kuffar being flung to the ground, their heads roling in the dust, the noses cut off and faces torn to shreds. Every time a Muslim raised his sword to strike a kafir soldier, the kafir’s head miraculously rolled off his shoulder and his limp body fell to the ground. They were running in confusion while the desert sands blew like fire all around them. The hearts of many kuffar simply burst in their chests out of terror and fear.

Just as quickly as it all began, it ended. The Muslims called out in a single voice, “Allahu akbar, Allah is greatest! Al-hamdu lillah, All praise and thanks be to Allah!”

There was joy and celebration as the Muslims had defeated an army so much stronger than themselves. But they were not quite sure how. They came to the Prophet [s] and one of them said, “O Prophet of Allah, indeed something very strange happened. As I was rushing towards a kafir, his head flew off his shoulders before my sword reached him???” Another Companion called from the back, “Whenever any of those in my group simply pointed at a kafir soldier, his head fell from his body???” Someone else said, “Yes O beloved Prophet, many fell to the ground before I could even strike them.” Yet another added, “Me too, O prophet. I counted three men that I killed with my own sword, but when I looked around I saw seven kuffar lying dead in the dust.” “Yes, I struck two with my sword but three fell dead,” called another. “I then saw a very handsome man with a shining face riding away. I did not recognize him but he seemed to know me. Who was he, O blessed Prophet?”

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] smiled. “You have all spoken the truth. That was Jibrai’l and his companions. They are the angels which Allah sent to give you victory over your enemies and to punish them for their wrongdoing.”