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The beloved Prophet of Allah [s] showed equal love and kind treatment to everyone. It was all the same to him whether a person was rich or poor, strong or weak, young or old, a master or a slave, Muhammad, Rasul-ullah [s], was concerned about everyone. After all he was Rahmat-ul Lil ‘Alamin, a mercy to all the worlds.

Now, there lived an insane slave girl in Madina. She would spend the days walking aimlessly through the streets of Madinah, the city of the Prophet [s], talking and giggling to herself.

Most people just ignored her. They knew that she did not understand what she was doing and had no control over herself. Many were amused by her insane chatter.
Sometimes the little children would laugh at her, but the slave girl simply continued on her merry way, hopping and skipping without a care in the world.

One day, as the blessed Prophet Muhammad [s] sat speaking about some serious matter to his Sahabah [r], his noble Companions, the little slave girl appeared.

Pushing her way through his Companions, the girl walked straight up the Prophet [s] and said in her childish, giggly voice, “O Prophet of Allah, will you do me a small favour?”

The blessed Prophet [s] smiled affectionately at the little girl and, putting his hand gently over her head, said, “Yes indeed! I will do whatever I can for you.“

“But you have to come with me,” she giggled.
“And why not!” the Prophet [s] responded, “But where do you want to take me?”

“I can’t tell you yet. First you will have to come with me to the street and there I will tell you what I want,” she said quite seriously.

Everyone knew that the little girl was not in her senses and did not mean what she said. So you can imagine just how surprised they were when the beloved Prophet Muhammad [s] stood up and said, “All right, I will follow you to any street you want to take me to.”

Someone politely said, “But O Prophet of Allah, this girl is…” and before he could finish his sentence the Prophet [s] turned to him and, putting his finger on his lips, softly said, “Hush now!”

The girl held the Prophet’s soft, strong hand tightly, “Now come along, O my beloved Prophet,” she smiled and led him down the street.

They walked through the streets of Madinah, up one ally and down another, past the market place and through the date orchards, around and around they went. She was talking to herself all the while, skipping and hopping and giggling, but the blessed Prophet [s] very patiently held her tiny hand and tagged along with her.

The little girl seemed to be getting tired and, at last, sat down daintily on the side path. She tugged at the Prophet’s [s] hand urging him to sit down beside her. He did so, being only too happy to please her in any way possible. Needless to say that the passers-by were very surprised to see such concern and affection displayed by the Prophet [s] for a girl who was not sane.

The blessed Prophet Muhammad [s] spent quite some time with the little girl until, at last, she decided to go home. Hand in hand, the two made their way through the narrow alleys of Madinah.

“What a lovely day,” the little girl girl thought to herself. “I have a new best friend to play with. I think I will go visit him tomorrow again.” And with that, she shut her sweet little eyes and fell peacefully off to sleep.