Recite And Explain The Poem

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The Qur’an is a Mercy and a Light,

Guiding mankind to what is right,

And also a Blessing and a Sign,

With teachings that are so Divine,

While it leads us to salvation,

And warns us against temptation.

This is a Revelation for all time,

Which no doubt and it’s so sublime,

Its for people of every race,

Sent to us by Allah’s Grace,

Explaining what we ought to do,

While it is a Healing too.

It tells of Allah’s Attributes,

While idol-worship it refutes,

With warnings of a terrible day,

For those of us who go astray,

It calls us to repent & show remorse,

And to purify our souls till we are so precious.

And the meaning and the Message,

As we read through every passage,

Can touch our very heart and soul,

Leading us towards our goal,

And inner happiness we will find,

When reading with an eager mind.

The Qur’an is benefits those that are alive like you and me,

So turn to it and you will see,

That it’s unique in every way,

Despite what some may foolishly say,

For the Qur’an is our guiding light,

And study it we must, with all our Might.