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This sacred journey we undertake,
Is done purely for Allah’s sake,
But before to Makkah Muslims depart,
They must ensure the means for support.

The Hajj will have much more benefit,
For Pilgrims who are able and physically fit.
They’ll see the Ka’bah, the Bayt-ullah,
Which is the Qiblah in our daily Salah.

The Ihram they will wear, white and pure,
Performing the Tawaf & Sa‘iy, with faith strong and sure,
These are rituals they must make,
While the Hajj they do undertake.

And at Arafah they will all meet,
Despite the blazing sun and searing heat,
And the Hajj there will reach its peak,
While Allah’s Mercy all pilgrims will seek.

No matter what their color or diverse race,
Together they will stand seeking
His pleasure and immense Grace.
So much there is to learn and see,
When Muslims display such unity.

They who come from near and far,
Servants and lovers of the one and only, Allah,
No other but their Lord being the ultimate goal,
Seeking only to purify their weary soul.

Remember too, right from the very start,
The virtues of every Rukn each form a great part,
Of the grand pilgrimage in all its essence,
Not to mention all the wondrous spiritual lessons.

And in the end we will all find,
The favor of the absolute Divine,
Blessings and bounties without measure,
Flowing from the Almighty’s infinite treasure.