Recite The Poem And Explain

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I have much reason to rejoice,
And praise Allah in a grateful voice,
Because I’m happy and content,
With all the favours Allah has sent.

He created me so perfectly,
And did it all so lovingly,
While showing me the righteous way,
I love Him all the more every day.

Therefore to Him I bow and pray,
And try my very best to obey,
Following the way of His Noble Prophets,
Who came to teach us righteous habits.

In Allah’s Books I do believe,
And in the Guidance I receive,
And I believe in His pure Angels too,
Who have very special things to do.

One more thing I’d like to say,
There’ll be another life one day,
And this I do believe my friend,
That death is not the final end.

So I am a Muslim, as you can see,
A special person, you must agree,
That’s who I am and I’m so proud,
And declare it I do in a voice so loud.