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Declare the Oneness of Allah, “La-ilaha illallah”

Allah is one and can’t be three, 

The truth is simple as can be.

He’s the source of everything, And doesn’t need a single thing,

He wasn’t born and will not die, And that is surely not a lie.


Muhammad-ur-RasuIuIIah,  The final Prophet of Allah, Peace and blessings on him too, 

Who came to show us what to do.

Allah chose him for mankind, No one greater will we find,

And his Sunnah is our guide, By his ways we should abide.


Those who believe in Allah now, Must accept this simple vow, 

“La-ilaha illallah Muhammad-ur-Rasulullah”,

This Shahadah is a sacred creed, Live by it and you’ll succeed, 

And be a witness to the truth, Though you may be but a youth.