Sayings of Some Famous Islamic Personalities About Respect For Teachers

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1) Mujahid [rh] said, “A proud or shy student cannot gain much.”

2) Sayyiduna ‘Ali [r] said, “I am a slave to the person who has taught me even a single word. He may sell me or set me free.”

3) Yahya bin Kathir [rh] said, “Knowledge and easy living cannot go hand in hand.”

4) Imam Shafi‘i [rh] said, “A student who learns halfheartedly and ungratefully can never succeed. A student who is humble and hard-living often reaches his goal.”

5) Mughirah [rh] said, “We revered and feared our teacher, Hadrat Ibrahim [rh], more than even the kings of our times.”

6) Imam Abu Yusuf [rh] said, “I have heard from eminent people that a student who does not respect his teacher is never successful.”