Seeing another in Adversity Sunnah Etiquettes

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When Seeing another in Adversity

1) Remember the favours of Allah upon you and be grateful to Him for his blessings.

2) Thank Allah verbally for protecting you from the adversity by saying “Al-Hamdu Lillah (All Praise be to Allah),” and “AshShukru Lillah (All Gratitude be to Allah).”

3) Never laugh at or mock the person in adversity.

4) Do not consider yourself better than him.

5) Remember that Allah could afflict you with the very same adversity too, or even worse.

6) Treat the one struck with adversity as you would like to be treated.

7) Do as much as is possible to help the person in adversity.

8) Encourage the person in adversity to be patient and never to lose hope.

9) Pray to Allah to relieve the suffering of the person in adversity.

10) Pray to Allah to protect you from adversity.