Sunnah Etiquettes of Drinking

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1) When drinking sip silently. Do not drink in loud gulps.

2) Drink in three breaths or sips.

3) Do not breath into the cup when drinking.

4) Do not stand and drink. ZamZam water though may be drank while standing.

5) When serving drinks, serve in order of age, starting with the eldest.

6) When refilling a jug used to serve drinks, continue from the person next to the one last served.

7) When serving drinks to guests, drink only after everyone else has been served. The one who serves drinks should drink last.

8) Glassware, earthenware, copper, plastic and wooden utensils may be used to serve drinks. Never use gold or silver utensils.

9) Share the drinking glass with someone beloved.

10) Of all drinks, always give preference to milk.