Sunnah Etiquettes of Travelling

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1) It is preferable to set out on a journey on a Thursday or Monday.

2) It is preferable to set out on a journey early in the morning.

3) Do not travel alone. It is always preferable to travel in groups of at least three persons.

4) When seating oneself on or in the conveyance say, “Bismillah (I begin in the Name of Allah)”.

5) When travelling on a long journey, maintain a steady and swift pace.

6) When going uphill recite ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Allah is greatest) thrice.

7) When going downhill, recite ‘Subhan-Allah’ (Glory be to Allah) thrice.

8) If a traveller stops over at any place during his journey, even if just for a little while, he should perform two raka‘at of Nafl (voluntary) Salah before continueing.

9) Always share the various duties equally when travelling.

10) Do not prolong a journey unnecessarily.

11) When returning from a journey, first perform two raka‘at of Nafl Salah, preferably in the local Masjid, before settling down.

12) Always inform the housefolk of your arrival in advance. Never enter your home all of a sudden.

13) When a traveller returns from a journey he should hug those who come to greet him and he may kiss them on the forehead too. (This will not apply to women outside the family whom he can marry).