Surah al-’asr factsheet

Topic Progress:

1. Surah al-’Asr was revealed in Makkah.

2. It has 3 verses.

3. This Surah is all about time.

4. It is the shortest surah of the Qur’an along with Surah al-Kawthar and Nasr.

5. Imam al-Shafi’i said that this Surah alone would have been enough. This means that if there where no other surahs revealed in the Quran except Surah al-Asr it would be enough of a reminder for mankind. Why did he think this? He thought that it showed us that we would all be losers in the hellfire if we didn’t fallow the success plan mentioned in this surah. In this surah we learned that in order for us to be successful and go to Jannah we must believe, do good deeds, encourage others to believe and do good deeds also, and be patient for whatever befalls us. Keep in mind that the first thing that we must do is believe and we cant believe without first getting knowledge.

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