Surah An-Naba’ (The Announcement) Tafsir

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Surah An-Naba’ (The Announcement) Tafsir
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
About what are they asking one another?
What do the disbelievers of Quraysh ask one another?
About the great news
They ask about the great news that has been brought to them; this Qur’an.
That over which they are in disagreement
They have doubts and disagreements over the Qur’an and deny it.
No! They are going to know
It is not as they think. They will come to know the result of their denial and what awaits them on the Day of Judgement.
Then, no! They are going to know
Again, they will come to know the truthfulness of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and Qur’an and the result of rejecting them.
Have We not made the earth a resting place?
Did Allah not bestow upon you numerous blessings? The earth as a place of living, wide and spacious?
And the mountains as stakes?
The mountains as firm pegs which stabilise the earth?
And We created you in pairs
Allah created people in pairs, male and female.
And made your sleep rest
He made sleep a time of rest wherein our bodies recover.
And made the night as clothing
And the night like a garment of darkness.
And made the day for livelihood
And the day a time for earning and living.
And constructed above you seven strong [heavens]
And He created seven heavens above us, perfect in their size without weakness.
And made a burning lamp
And in the sky, He placed the sun as a bright light.
And sent down, from the rain clouds, pouring water
And from the clouds in the sky, rain which pours down.
That We may bring forth thereby grain and vegetation
And with that rain there grows all manner of plants and vegetation.
And gardens of entwined growth
And gardens of various trees, their branches and roots entwining with one another.
Indeed, the Day of Judgement is an appointed time
Surely, the Day of Judgement is the Day of Accounting for all people, and it is a time fixed for all who have ever lived, from the first to the last.
The Day the Horn is blown and you will come forth in multitudes
On the Day of Judgement, the angel will blow into the Horn and every nation will come forth with their leaders.
And the heaven is opened and will become gateways
On that Day, the skies will open like doorways through which the angels will descend.
And the mountains are removed and will be a mirage
The mountains will be removed from their places, as if they were only a mirage.
Indeed, Hell has been lying in wait
On that Day, Hellfire will be prepared and waiting for its occupants.
For the transgressors, a place of return
It will be the abode of the evildoers.
In which they will remain for ages
They will remain in it for age after age with no respite.
They will not taste therein coolness or drink
In the Fire, they will be given nothing to quench their thirst or anything cool to diminish the heat of the Fire.
Except scalding water and purulence
Their drink will be scalding, boiling water, and their breeze will be one of extreme heat.
An appropriate recompense
This is what they deserve due to their actions.
Indeed, they were not expecting an account
They never thought this Day would come when they would be held to account so they never prepared for it.
And denied Our verses with denial
Instead they denied and rejected all the signs Allah sent to them.
But all things We have enumerated in writing
All of this was recorded before in the Preserved Tablet.
So taste, and never will We increase you except in torment
On the Day of Judgement, they will be made to taste the punishment and it will only increase.
Indeed, for the righteous is attainment
As for those who fear Allah and work for the Day of Judgement, they will be successful in Paradise.
Gardens and grapevines
In it, they will have gardens and grapevines.
And full-breasted of equal age
And wives, young in age and of utmost beauty.
And a full cup
And cups full of wine which does not intoxicate.
No ill speech will they hear therein or any falsehood
In Paradise, they will hear no evil or false speech.
Reward from your Lord, [a generous] gift [made due by] account
All of this, will be from the rewards, favours and blessings of Allah.
The Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, the Most Merciful. They possess not from Him speech
Allah, the Lord of the heavens and earth and everything in between. None will have the courage to speak before Allah on the Day of Judgement except in what Allah allows.
The Day that the Spirit and the angels will stand in rows, they will not speak except for one whom the Most Merciful permits, and he will say what is correct
It will be the Day that Jibril and the angels will stand in rows. They too will not speak or intercede expect for those that Allah allows.
That is the True Day, so he who wills may take to his Lord a return
That is a real and true Day in which there is no doubt, and the one who seeks success that Day should return to Allah with righteous deeds.
Indeed, We have warned you of a near punishment on the Day when a man will observe what his hands have put forth and the disbelievers will say, “Oh, I wish that I were dust!”
Allah has warned us of that punishment which is ever drawing closer. It is the Day when everyone will see the actions they performed from good and evil. The disbelievers on that Day, due to its ferociousness will wish that they were dust instead.

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