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Tayammum is a practice of special significance in Islam. The primary significance of ablution and bathing is religious and the aspect of hygiene is a matter of secondary importance. These practices have been enjoined upon us as religious duties in order to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the performance of the main duty (salah). Allah has directed us to perform Tayammum in case water is not available or we are unable to make use of it. This practice is meant to retain the spiritual value of wudu’ (ablution) as a means of distracting us from the mundane activities of life and directing us towards Allah. The question may be asked why pure sand has been recommended for purification. The answer is that after water the next most easily available thing in the world is sand. Secondly, its use reminds a man of his birth and his abode in the grave. Moreover, its wiping over the face and hands strikes at the very root of man’s vanity and pride and inculcates in him a spirit of humility.