Teachers And Parents

To every nation that has passed on, Allah sent a messenger who summoned them to His true path. Messengers are those who communicate the existence and oneness of Allah, spread His religion, and inform them about what Allah demands from them, in other words, things that they should do and things that they should abstain from. They also warn them against the punishment of Hell and give them the glad tidings of Paradise.

The lives and struggles of the messengers are abundant in lessons for believers who think and are inclined to learn from them. In the Qur’an, Allah describes in detail the subjects they communicated to their peoples, the methods they employed to persuade them and many other aspects of the messengers themselves.

Believers should not differentiate between any of the messengers and should take their virtuous manners and behaviour as described in the Qur’an as their model. They should follow their advice, and act on it and hold in very high regard their warnings.

Allah narrates the stories of these distinguished servants of His in the Quran not merely as historical facts, but also in order to encourage believers to reflect on, and pay heed to these superior people so that they may take them as their models.

As a matter of fact, Allah sets forth in the Qur’an the facts which messengers have invited their people to accept, and provides a detailed account of the excellent character traits they possessed.

That being so, the responsibility of believers is to give careful consideration to the life stories of messengers related in the Qur’an, and make their best efforts to follow the path they indicate, and comply with their admonitions and warnings. The purpose of these stories therefore is to assist such efforts on the part of believers.