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A believer has important responsibilities towards both Allah and man . His duty towards Allah means believing in Him with all His attributes, worshipping Him, regarding himself accountable to Him; and making himself ready to carry out wholeheartedly any such demands that Allah may make upon him.

Another responsibility of the believer is one which concerns the rights of human beings. This responsibility devolves upon him in his relations with others. Every man or woman, a relative or neighbour, a fellow townsman or compatriot or one with whom he has dealings in business, everyone has some rights over him. It is incumbent upon a believer to fulfil those rights, failing which he will not be deserving of God’s succour.

What is meant by recognising the rights of human beings (Huquq al-Ibad)? This means that whenever and wherever a believer meets another person, he should give him such treatment as is in accordance with Islamic teachings. He should refrain from such behaviour as does not come up to the standard of Islam.

Examples of proper Islamic behaviour are giving respect to others, never humiliating others while giving them help, acting for the good of others, and if unable to benefit them in any way, at least doing no one any harm, fulfilling trusts, never breaking them; never usurping the wealth and property of others; dealing justly with others regardless of the circumstances; giving the benefit of the doubt to others, not believing in allegations made against others without proper proofs; and advising others in earnest.

Everyone has a duty to fulfil these responsibilities towards other human beings according to the Islamic shariah. This is called Huququl Ibad, or human rights.