The Clot Tafsir 

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The Clot Tafsir 
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful
Recite in the name of your Lord who created
Read what has been revealed to you from the Qur’an, beginning with the name of your Lord who created all things.
Created man from a clinging substance
Who created man from a clot of blood.
Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous
Read what your Lord revealed, who by His generosity allowed you to learn and understand.
Who taught by the pen
He taught nations to use the pen and write knowledge.
Taught man that which he knew not
He is the One who taught people what they had no knowledge of.
No! [But} indeed, man transgresses
However, mankind without knowledge does wrong and oversteps the boundaries Allah has set.
Because he sees himself self-sufficient
If a person has wealth, they think they are not in need of Allah.
Indeed, to your Lord is the return
But know with certainty that every person will return to Allah.
Have you seen the one who forbids
Don’t you see the one who prevents others from obeying Allah?
A servant when he prays
And stops people from praying as Abu Jahl did with the Prophet(pbuh)
Have you seen if he is upon guidance
Is this person who stops others from praying upon guidance?
Or enjoins righteousness
Or are they doing good? Surely such a person should enjoin Allah’s worship.
Have you seen if he denies and turns away
Or is this person upon evil, turning away and denying Allah’s commands.
Does he not know that Allah sees?
Surely, Allah sees, hears and knows all.
No! If he does not desist, We will surely drag him by the forelock
If this person does not leave the Prophet(pbuh) alone, we will take him forcefully by his forehead and drag him into the Fire.
A lying, sinning forelock
For this person is a liar and an evil person.
Then let him call his associates
Let him call his friends and helpers that he claims to have.
We will call the angels of Hell
We will call forth the angels of punishment to take him.
No! Do not obey him. But prostrate and draw near [to Allah]
So don’t pay any attention to him or listen to him. Instead, come closer to Allah through prayer and prostration.

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