From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– Nothing is more pleasant and satisfying to the true Muslim than salah.

– Muslims always thank Allah and praise Him for all that they have.

– A Muslim always feels ashamed of his wrongdoing.
– Being ashamed of sins is very important to a believer as it is the first step in repentance.
– Only through repentance can we cleans ourselves of sin and in so doing attain proximity to Allah.

– Salah which is not performed with concentration does not reach Allah.
– Salah which is not done with concentration brings no peace and tranquility.
– The purpose of salah is remembrance of Allah.

– If we surround ourselves with worldly things we will not be able to remember Allah. That is why all Prophets [a] lived such simple lives.

– A true Muslim never allows anything to come between himself and Allah, no matter how precious that thing may be.
– A true Muslim sacrifices everything for the sake of Allah.

– Abu Talhah [r] was indeed a true Muslim who loved Allah more than anything else in the whole wide world.
– We too must attempt to be like Abu Talhah [r].