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Makruuh (disliked or detestable) acts are those which, if done, cause the full thawaab (reward) of the Salaah to be lost, although the Salaah’ will still be valid. These are some of the Makruuh acts:

1) Scratching the body unnecessarily.

2) Rocking to-and-fro.

3) Fidgeting with one’s clothes.

4) Thinking of worldly things while in Salaah.

5) Looking around.

6) Closing the eyes due to lazyness or tiredness.

7) Performing Salaah while there is an urge to go to toilet.

8) Performing Salaah when hungry or when meals have been served and are ready to be eaten.

9) Resting the hands on the hips.

10) Wearing clothes that have pictures of living creatures on it.

11) Performing Salaah in untidy or stained clothes.

12) Spitting or blowing one’s nose.

13) Leaning against a wall.

14) For a male not to wear a prayer hat or turban.

15) Making the second Rak’ah longer than the first.

16) Reciting the suurahs in the wrong descending order (eg. to read suurah ‘Quraysh’ in the first rak’ah and suurah ‘Fiil’ in the second).