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There are many Sunnah acts in Salaah’. If any Sunnah act is omitted, the Salaah will still be valid. However, the Salaah will not be perfect, and the full benefit and reward of Salaah will not be achieved. Some of the more important Sunan of Salaah are:

1) Raising the hands to the ear-lobes (or the shoulders, for females) when reciting Takbiir Tahriimah.

2) Placing the right hand over the left in Qiyaam.

3) Placing the hands below the navel (or over the chest, for females) in Qiyaam.

4) Standing with the feet moderately apart (or next to each other, for females) in Qiyaam.

5) Standing with the feet parallel in Qiyaam.

6) Keeping the gaze on the spot where the forehead will rest in Sajdah.

7) Reciting the Thanaa’ (Introductory Eulogy) silently after Takbiir Tahriimah.

8) Reciting the Ta’awwuzh and Tasmiyah silently before Suurah al-Faatihah.

9) Saying “Aamiin” silently after Suurah alFaatihah.

10) Saying “Allahu Akbar” aloud when going into Rukuu’ and Sajdah, when coming up and going down between each Sajdah, and when standing up for the next Rak’ah. (NB: The first “Allahu Akbar” [Takbiir Tahriimah] is Fard)

11) Reciting the Tasbiih in Rukuu’ silently three times.

12) Reciting the I’laan aloud when coming up into Qawmah.

13) Reciting the Hamd silently in Qawmah.

14) Going into Sajdah knees first, then hands, nose and finally forehead, and sitting up in the reverse order.

15) Reciting the Tasbiih in Sajdah’ silently three times.

16) Keeping the forearms above the floor (or flat on the floor, for females) in Sajdah.

17) Keeping the right foot up with the toes facing forward in Jalsah and Qa’dah (Females will sit on the left posterior, extending both feet out to the right).

18) Placing the hands on the thighs above the knees in Jalsah and Qa’dah.

19) Raising the right forefinger when reciting the Kalimah Shahaadah (Declaration of Testimony) in Tashah’hud.

20) Reciting the Salawaat Ibraahiimiy (Abrahamic Benedictory Prayer) and the Du’aa’ of Istighfaar (Supplication for Pardon) in the last Rak’ah.

21) Turning the face to the right and left when saying “As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah” at the end of the Salaah.