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These are some of the Sunnah acts to be observed when fasting. If any Sunnah act is omitted, the Sawm will still be valid. However, the Sawm will not be perfect, and the full benefit and reward of Sawm will not be achieved. Some of the more important Sunan of Sawm are:

1) Having Suhuur (the pre-dawn meal) before fasting. This meal is eaten just before Subh as-Saadiq (true dawn) and provides the fasting person with nourishment and strength for the day. It also differentiates a Muslims fast from the fasts of all other religious communities who do not have Suhuur before fasting.

2) Abstaining from sins. Although committing sins will not invalidate the Sawm, but it will diminish the reward of Sawm and cause the fasting person to lose all the benefits of fasting. Amongst the sins that must be avoided are: lying, arguing, back biting, fighting, using foul language, stealing, cruelty, impatience, arrogance, boastfulness, miserliness, etc.

3) Increasing the performance of good deeds and other acts of ‘ibaadah (worship).

4) Remaining active, enthusiastic and cheerful throughout the period of fasting.

5) Reciting the Du’aa when breaking the fast at sunset :